Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Day Today!

Went to the Cathedral Arts Festival, then to studio then to roller derby in the evening!

Cathedral Arts Festival was good. Only went to a small part of the street fair but ended up finding four jewellery artists I know. It was great visiting their booths and seeing their new work.

I managed to get two forms done in studio. I just need to do the brass plates and they will be ready to use. Tuesday night I will be making some more pressed discs (see pictures in previous posts). I have some orders and I'm planning on listing some on Etsy as well.

The roller derby match was great! I've been waiting to go to one since the girls were just starting up the league. They've done really well. They now have enough girls in their league for two teams!

Congrats to the winning team: Bone City Beaver Dames!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jewellery Party Was A Success!

Great response to my copper jewellery and interest in my lampwork beads and also a request for info on our next JewelleryWon show! All in all a pretty good night! :o)

Some of my new pieces:

P.S. Keep creating! PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My First Post!

I've finally got this thing all organized. Always seem to find something to get done, when I need to get back to my jewellery. I've got a party this week and I want to get a few more pieces done. This is a long weekend so that is my goal for the next couple of days. I have lampwork studio today so will be gone all afternoon.

I've started a new copper line of jewellery and I'd like to try out some more ideas and have them ready for the party.

I'm in a new jewellery class right now where we are learning die forming and using a hydraulic press. I finally got something made (in time) that I'm pleased with.

P. S.  Keep creating!

PSC (Prairie Sky Creations)