Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Big Move....Between Shows

Harvest Hues went well. I've changed my display and quite happy with it. I got a lot of positive feedback about it!

My next show is Cream of the Crop. It is a bigger show and is on for 3 days from Oct. 12 - 14. One of my pieces that will be available is a necklace I made for a special order that has now changed. The beads are all handmade by me and the silverwork as well.

I also (amidst my reorganizing) came across some copper chains I had previously ordered. They are similar to Pandora or Troll but they are copper. I had an idea to try one of my large hollow cored beads on it. I LOVE how it looks! I have one or two other beads I may do this with as well!

Special Project

I finished another non-jewellery project and got it sent off in the mail this week. Huge success. It was a birthday gift for my cousin and she loved it!

Step One:

Step Two:

Final Presentation:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching Up With Technology.....

Well kind of....

I just put my shop onto my IPOD last week and today I thought, maybe I can put my blog on as well. Bingo!

Makes them both easier to manage.

You ARE noticing I'm not totally caught up, though. I still have an IPOD, not an iPhone, and there's no camera in this baby. :)

This week I'm prepping for our annual Harvest Hues show on Saturday. This year I'm changing my display up a bit and also having a sale from now until Saturday in my shop ( or at Harvest Hues.

10% off any items with fall colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, or Copper. For shopping on-line, just use the coupon code HARVEST12 at checkout.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What a BUSY summer!

I've been so busy and putting on miles this summer! First we organized a reunion out at the coast, then as soon as we got back I had an anniversary photobook to work on (over 800 pictures!), then a lovely day at the valley for the Midsummer's Art Festival, then organizing our own jewellery exposition - Harvest Hues, quick trip to Calgary for a wedding and now my next show Sunflower at Yorkton. I've also done Beads of Courage each month.Busy! Busy! Busy!

Beads of Courage July

MidSummer's Art Festival

Road trip north to deliver anniversary book

Beads of Courage August


Amidst it all, I have managed to come up with a few new enamelled pieces as well. We'll see what this fall brings! :o)