Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Big Move....Between Shows

Harvest Hues went well. I've changed my display and quite happy with it. I got a lot of positive feedback about it!

My next show is Cream of the Crop. It is a bigger show and is on for 3 days from Oct. 12 - 14. One of my pieces that will be available is a necklace I made for a special order that has now changed. The beads are all handmade by me and the silverwork as well.

I also (amidst my reorganizing) came across some copper chains I had previously ordered. They are similar to Pandora or Troll but they are copper. I had an idea to try one of my large hollow cored beads on it. I LOVE how it looks! I have one or two other beads I may do this with as well!

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