Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching Up With Technology.....

Well kind of....

I just put my shop onto my IPOD last week and today I thought, maybe I can put my blog on as well. Bingo!

Makes them both easier to manage.

You ARE noticing I'm not totally caught up, though. I still have an IPOD, not an iPhone, and there's no camera in this baby. :)

This week I'm prepping for our annual Harvest Hues show on Saturday. This year I'm changing my display up a bit and also having a sale from now until Saturday in my shop (www.prairieskycreations.ca) or at Harvest Hues.

10% off any items with fall colours: Red, Yellow, Orange, or Copper. For shopping on-line, just use the coupon code HARVEST12 at checkout.

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