Sunday, October 28, 2012

Great Week!

This has been a great week, super busy, but great!

Last weekend we had company - a very talented musician who was kind enough to fix our piano while he was here! Yay! We enjoyed an evening of great music, good visiting, a real blessing!

On Monday, I went to visit the lady who inspired my Pink Hope collection. She is cancer-free! Yay! So happy for her! It was very informative, too. I am much better informed about what breast cancer patients go through and what is VERY lacking for information and assistance for them. I had mistakenly assumed that the support I always hear about covered all areas but it does not. My friend has been keeping a journal of her experience. I think she should get it published to help other women who may find themselves facing similar obstacles.

During the week I've been working on the video for the reunion we organized in July. Now THAT has been an experience! A common and frustrating one when editing videos. It has been taking so long, between trying to figure out how to do this on a Mac and downtime time waiting for the video to publish. I hope I can get it done and mailed out early this coming week. However I did finally post the pictures on Facebook and everyone is quite pleased with them.

On Friday night I had an interesting experience. I had received a special invitation to the grand opening of the Polka Dot Door - Saskatchewan's First Designer Store. My day had been pretty booked up: lunch with a former colleague from work, birthday supper with one of my oldest friends, and then this grand opening (or so I thought). I went (had to find parking downtown at night, FREEZING out and I forgot to dress for winter!) and when I got there I was the second person to have come a week early! But, I do believe that things do not happen by coincidence, that there is a reason when things happen differently than you expect.

I had time to have a very good chat with the store owner, Shefali Mattoo, who is also a jewellery/clothing/purse designer herself to find out all about the Polka Dot Door. It currently features Saskatchewan designers: C'est Danine Designs, Helen Anne Designs, Natalia K, Shefali Mattoo, 2nd Life Bags, Dean Renwick Design Studio, MJ Studios Pro Cosmetics, Roxanne Brown Jewellery and Timeless Shadows Apparel. From October 22 - November 3 Bella Chic has a mini pop-up store at the Polka Dot Door as well.

As I said before, I do not believe things happen by coincidence. I just happened to have my camera with me in case I wanted to take pictures at my friend's birthday supper. That never happened but I DID take a picture of Shefali Mattoo with her variety of designs!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What a Great Weekend!!

Cream of the Crop Craft Sale was Friday through Sunday. Made my debut. Lots of visitors and positive feedback. Met some great crafty people (crafty in the creative sense!).

My new Pink Hope line was a hit. One lady bought a piece for her mother who is a cancer survivor. That made my day!

On Saturday, my JewelleryWon partner and I were given passes to attend S3 (Style, Shopping Spirits) so after we closed shop at Cream of the Crop we went upstairs to S3. What a "fashion" atmosphere! High energy complete with a DJ!

That night I got an awesome idea for JewelleryWon! My partner loves the idea and we did some brainstorming. It is in the planning stages and will be announced once the organizing is finished. We are so excited!

All in all it was a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New "Pink Hope" Line For Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this weekend Prairie Sky Creations will be in Cream of the Crop which is sponsored by Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan. I've been creating something very special for this show - my new Pink Hope line.

I know people who have survived breast cancer, I've lost people who've had breast cancer and I know people who have it right now. I wanted to create pieces to remind people not to give up hope. Hope, as I've seen, has given people the strength to go on and not give up. I've also seen miraculous recoveries in people who've refused to give up hope and have had people around them who've refused to give up hope. That's what I wanted to symbolize with my new line, THAT hope.

I've been busy making pink lampwork beads and this week I've put them together with sterling silver and Swarovski crystals into some very pretty pieces. The bracelets all have a little sterling "Hope" charm as do the earrings. There are lots of pink heart pendants. Hope you like them!