Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day Trip With My Daughter

My daughter and I both took some time out of our busy schedules to take a day Art Trip. We had a nice time (long drive), saw some wonderful art, nice scenery, took some photos, ate some junk food.... You know. The usual road trip stuff.

Here is a photo log:

And who wouldn't want to stop for Ice Cream at 10 am? 


Scenic drive. Mmmmm. End of a nice day!

Oops! And what is this? Apparently it is some type of pavement stripper road construction. Looked like some cross between a motor home, horse trailer, tractor, who knows what. You know. One of those thingy's. A big thingy!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to the Bench (and the Blog)...

With life getting extremely busy (and cluttered) I am finally on track and getting organized.

I've been spending some quality time in Bible study, devotions and prayers and creativity has been flowing. That includes creativity in organization, too! The clutter really affects focus, so now I am back on track.

I have some shows coming up both for Prairie Sky Creations and also for JewelleryWon and a new project in the works. One interesting thing that happened as I was getting organized for the Mid Summer's Art Festival a few weeks ago, I discovered I have a LOT of jewellery projects either started or ready to start, so in actuality a LOT of jewellery to work on. Awesome!!

Now after I've gotten my clutter organized, I'm all ready to get working on new pieces. I've just finished my summer enamelling class and here are some of my enamelled pieces: