Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Treasury On Etsy

It's taken me awhile to find enough items but I finally posted my Metal Intricacies Treasury on Etsy. There are 16 different artists' techniques for designing in metal. The fun part was looking at everyone's different creations. Beautiful!

Featured artists:
Nicolas and Felice
nervous system - (Awesome! So interesting how they create their pieces!)
Fired Up Ladies Hammer Shop
Junes Designs
Jannes Vintage
mixed metal mimi
Tangled Metal
anvil artifacts
Splendid Fish
Renaissance Jewelry
Wolfstone Jewelry
jewelry by sala

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cathedral Village Arts Festival

I made a flying trip through the Cathedral Village Arts Festival this weekend to see our fellow jewellery artists from our JewelleryWon shows.

By the time I got there, pinkfire designs was cleaned right out! :o) Roxanne Brown's Jewellery, per usual had beautiful, colourful pieces and her vintage resin charms. Beyond Sight (Summer Hartzfeld), Trixie Links, and joni originals were all there with beautiful pieces as well. I trucked on down to the end of the street (had to book it because it was getting close to closing time) and finally found Carelebeads as well, with all of her colourful lampwork jewellery. 

I also found Brenda Wolf Ceramics. Brenda is a former jewellery Artist and a founding member of JewelleryWon who has found her true passion in ceramics and is pumping outt lots of BEAUTIFUL work! 

I even managed to make a few new jewellery artist contacts as well although I was cutting it kind of close to closing time!

Next show: Bazaart June 16th. I am in  booth #20. :o)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I've Got a Website!!!

I'm so excited! I finally have a web site and it wasn't too painful to set it up.

It's about time! After a lot of looking around and almost giving up, I finally found a site that is close to what I want. Very easy to set up, lots of choices for templates, and lets me upload my own picture files for banners and backgrounds. Excellent!

I'm getting things in order after our Buds of May Jewellery Exposition so I can work on some custom orders and also get ready for Bazaart next month, so busy, busy, busy.

After Bazaart I have a Foldforming workshop and possibly another show on July 1st, then off to Vancouver for a couple of weeks, with some home parties booked there.

Check out my site at: