Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yay! My Etsy shop is on The Candid Reviewer blog!

I'm so excited!!! 'm honoured to have been asked to be featured in one of the Made in Canada giveaway blogs. It is exciting to see your jewellery featured on someone else's site! My Swirly Pearl Necklace has been getting a lot of positive comments. :o)

I'm hoping to get a special order of my lampwork beads finished tonight. The beads are done and annealed and just need to be cleaned. They are red with yellow and orange ivy patterns in them. I'll post a pic when I'm done.

Tomorrow night I'm hoping to get the rest of my beads cleaned to put into Beadplus on Friday morning. I need to do up a little Bio, too. I'll post pics of that, too, once they are in the store.

I was hoping to get some copper rings finished, too, for the store. I just have to solder the settings into them and finish setting the stones. They are all ready to do that. We'll see. ;o)

I just got another order of glass, with some new colours I couldn't get at my supplier in Canada. I'm looking forward to trying them. The two I'm really excited about are: cranberry and desert pink. I hope they are what I've been looking for!

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