Monday, June 18, 2012

Bazaart is over, now on to the next project...

My next project is organizing a reunion 1000 miles away! I've got about 4 weeks left. Only half the people have registered and the deadline was last week and I'm also working on a slideshow for it so I've got some phoning to do!

Our next JewelleryWon show has been sitting dormant, too without a venue so I need to put some time into that.

On my few forays into blog world and Etsyville I've come across a few things that got me excited.

One is  Art Jewelry Elements: Lark Call for Entries  . That would be so awesome to get your jewellery into a Lark book! My metal teacher has. I think that would be such an honour to be juried into that. I've been looking at some of my pieces to see what I could submit. I need to take some better pictures, though. Incidentally I emailed the link to all of our JewelleryWon artists as well!

Next is my good friend Roxanne Brown. She has been adding to her Etsy shop and I think it looks AWESOME! I love her jewellery! Check out her etsy shop: Roxanne Brown Jewellery.

Just this morning I found something else that piqued my interest at Art Jewelry Elements: Inspired by...Shells on the beach. I've never heard of a blog hop. I think that sounds great and I like the idea of creating something inspired by someone's photo!

Well off to clean up all my stuff after Bazaart! I'm not showing a picture of the mess here. Just imagine panick mode and everything going everywhere, while trying to finish pieces! That about sums up 3 areas of our house!

Have a great day!!

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