Sunday, July 29, 2012

Creativity is Flowing...

Well it IS flowing even if things have seemed quiet lately. It is just flowing in a different direction at present. I had a huge job of picking out and scanning over 400 photos and then organizing them into a slideshow for the reunion we organized and I had only about 4 days to complete it. Plus I had to get a speech all ready for before and after the slideshow.

I'm on a roll. I now am working on a 40th anniversary photobook with mounds of pictures to go through. My pictures have been moved all over the place so I'm trying to organize them as I'm putting them away. :oD

I am not sure I will be done as soon as I'd hoped because I have a show coming up next weekend, so I may be stopping the book to prep for the show and then going back to it afterwards. Just go with the flow I guess.

My first week of the trip out to the coast was very busy as you can tell (see first paragraph). Our hotel room was a makeshift office! :o) The second week was just vacation and I did get some rest but it was too short. I WILL get there someday!

I also need to send out vendor invites for our Harvest Hues show (Sept 22) ASAP so need to do that this week as well.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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