Saturday, March 2, 2013

Haven't Burned Myself Good in a Long Time...

True. I haven't had any torch accidents in awhile, whether it be sticking my thumb right in the flame or having those nasty little pieces of glass fly off and land in bad places. Monday, well, the wheel came loose and I and toppled off my wagon.

First I was pulling a piece of frit off the side of my bead using a pair of pliers and the stupid thing flew into my HAIR! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I've never had any glass fly into my hair before. So it's on the top of my head and I reach up to find it and try to brush it away. I can smell my hair burning, The little sucker is hot (of course) so I'm burning my fingers trying to get it off me, all the while keeping my bead warm in the flame using my other hand. (Can't give up that bead, now, can we?)

I must have brushed it away. The lady sitting next to me checked and couldn't see the glass on my head anymore. All night long I kept feeling where it landed. I was sure I could feel a hole in my hair. All is well though. No noticeable gaps!

So then, the next bead I was making my white rod shocks when I start to heat it up and a flake of it flies at me and hits me in the neck! Now that one stung for quite awhile. So I guess two hits in one night I should be good for awhile now, right?

Here is what I was working on:


  1. Ouch...glad to hear you didn't lose a bunch of hair and that you saved these little babies!

  2. Yikes! I can only imagine the panic! Glad to hear your hair is intact and that you're okay. Maybe you need to start wearing a welding mask! (I can't imagine how awkward that would be!)

    Love the little teddies! They're adorable!

  3. Ha! Ha! Ha! I think if I had to start wearing a welding mask I would just give up!

    I am enjoying making the bears. :)