Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Re-Igniting Your Creative Spark

Over the past year I've had many brainstorming sessions with many people on many topics. I love getting together with creative people and bouncing ideas off one another. I've seen many new projects come to light this way.

At times these brainstorming sessions also help get me out of that rut or funk where no ideas seem to be coming. In order for brainstorming to be successful,though, you have to be ready to take "The Leap".

The "Leap" is letting yourself follow your dream. A good way to start, is to think about this question: 

"What is one thing I would do if I knew for a fact that I would not fail?" Let yourself dream. What would you really like to do (deep down inside)? Don't listen to those negative thoughts telling you you can't do it. 

I used to listen to those thoughts until one day I woke up and asked myself, "Why CAN'T I do it?" Then I realized there was no reason why I couldn't do it and the only thing that was stopping me was me BELIEVING I couldn't do it. Believing those negative thoughts was stopping me from stepping out and trying.

Have I done that thing I really wanted to do? Not yet, but it is definitely in my plan and I am working towards it.

So what is on my list for ways to "Re-ignite Your Creative Spark"?

#1 - Figure out what your dream is
#2 - Let yourself dream
#3 - Don't listen to the negative thoughts of "you'll never be able to do that"
#4 - Spend time with some creative people
#5 - Take a break and treat yourself
#6 - Book yourself some "Do Not Disturb" time and relax and just let yourself think
#7 - Go out and try something new

What are some things YOU do to re-ignite your creative spark? 

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